The Steve Tyler GKGA Player of the Year Award is named after a PGA Club Professional that served the Kalamazoo golf community from 1993 to 2012. 

As a player, Steve captained his Hackett Catholic Central High School golf team and went on to play for Colorado State University.  He earned his PGA Class A professional classification working for Dick Stewart at Kalamazoo Country Club in 1993 and served as head professional at The Moors Golf Club, The Prairies and Milham Park Golf Course during his career. Steve also coached the Kalamazoo College Men’s Golf Team from 2004 to 2011 and enjoyed conducting the Kalamazoo Junior Golf Association clinics.

Steve was passionate about people, friends and golf. He had the unique ability to put a smile on your face and to make you feel welcomed. His stories and kind demeanor will keep him in the hearts of all the people he knew. Steve lost a battle with cancer at the young age of 47. 

Players competing in GKGA events throughout the season can earn Player of the Year points based on their performance.  At the end of each season an Open Division player and a Senior Division player with the most Player of the Year points will be awarded the Steve Tyler GKGA Player of the Year.

Medal play Events (Spring Medal & Fall Classic) Dan Parker – Team Events (each player)
1st        20 points 1st 10 pts
2nd        15 2nd 9 pts
3rd           12 3rd 8 pts
4th           10 4th 7 pts
5th           9 5th 6 pts
6th           8 6th 5 pts
7th           7 7th 4 pts
8th           6 8th 3 pts
9th           5 9th 2 pts
10th           4 10th 1 pts
11th           3.8  
12th           3.6  
13th           3.4  
14th           3.2  
15th           3.0  
16th           2.8  
17th           2.6  
18th           2.4  
19th           2.2  
20th           2.0  
Shawn Boyd Spring Shootout:Each Player GKGA Points Race: 
1st- 10 points Both Open and Senior Divisions
2nd-  9 points 1st- 10 points
3rd-   8 points 2nd-  9 points
4th-   7 points 3rd-   8 points
5th-   6 points 4th-   7 points
6th-   5 points 5th-   6 points
7th-   4 points 6th-   5 points
8th-   3 points 7th-   4 points
9th-   2 points 8th-   3 points
10th- 1 point 9th-   2 points
  10th- 1 point