GKGA Standard Tournament Rules Sheet



GKGA RULES OFFICIAL BILL QUINN will be on site.  If a ruling is needed please call him at  269-598-9196 




BUNKERS:   If your ball has have entered a bunker and you are in an area not maintained properly you are entitled to lift and place no nearer the hole on smooth undisturbed sand.    If there are no rakes to smooth the bunkers please smooth the sand with your foot.  This applies to waste bunkers as well.


HEATHER:  If you believe your ball has gone into the heather grass please play a provisional ball to help speed up play.  A lost ball is stroke and distance penalty.  


Or…. you can use the USGA local rule in effect for this tournament.


** Under this new rule you are entitled to drop within two club lengths from edge of the rough in the fairway.  The spot must be on a line 90* from where the ball entered the area in which it was lost or the out of bounds perimeter, no closer to the hole.  If you leave the tee box without hitting a provisional ball and cannot find it in the 3 minutes allowed, you must exercise this rule.     This is a two stroke penalty.      If there is a question of where to drop confer with playing partners


FAIRWAYS:  There are some burned out areas in the fairways that can be deemed ground under repair by consulting with another person in your group.  DROP the ball in the closest area of relief no closer to the hole


SCORECARDS: Please keep your score and the players card you are in possession of during the round.  Scores must be verified verbally among the players in the group after the round and both the player and the marker have to sign the card before it is turned in.  The Markers full name must be filled in on the card.  Recent mistakes have caused issues.


RESULTS:  There will NOT be a playoff!!   if there is a tie for FIRST or SECOND place in either the Open or Senior Divisions. The winner will be determined by a card match-back using the USGA method of low last nine holes, followed by low last six holes, followed by low last three holes, followed by scores on individual holes working backwards from the 18th hole.



Both Open and Senior Divisions CTP winners will each receive a $50 Hawkshead Gift Card.  4 total in each division

Please ensure you fill out the correct marker for your division.  Measure from the edge of the hole

Please use the hand sanitizer provided at the holes if you handle the tape measure or closest to the pin recording sign.


SKINS GAME: $10.00 for skins (bring exact change). Winners of skins will receive their winnings immediately after the tournament completion.  Hole by hole scoring will be on display at entrants complete their round.



First Place  $100Hawkshead Gift Card

Second Place  $50 Hawkshead Gift Card

Third Place  $50 Biggby Gift Card

*Ties will be broken by the USGA scorecard match-back method previously described.


GKGA Steve Tyler Player of the Year Points are awarded for all our tournaments and are used to qualify the top twelve players in the Open and Senior Divisions to compete in the GKGA Finale at a site TBD next June.  This tournament awards points according to the schedule posted on the GKGA website.